Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Night

Well, I didn't get any sewing done today at all, but I did get the house cleaned. I had only the upstairs vacuum to finish and was going to leave that for tomorrow, but told myself to "git 'er done!" So that frees up the weekend for quilting. I hope to finish Gratitude this weekend.

The cold isn't too bad now (thanks to Dayquil!), but I did call and cancel our attendance at a group dinner at a pizza place -- didn't want to pass my cold on. I'm glad I did because late this afternoon we got thunder storms with sleet and it will turn to snow later tonight. There's a winter driving advisory out now.

Have one funny for you: AJ, 2½ years old, moved to a junior bed this week. Last night he fell out of it. He cried for Mommy and she came and picked him up off the floor and put him back into bed. He stopped crying instantly and said "Tank you" and went right back to sleep! How precious is he?!

1. Thanks to God for a clean bill of health -- I wasn't worried, but it's always in the back of your mind, ya know?
2. Thanks for the cold, it kept us off the roads tonight -- God works in mysterious ways, huh?
3. Thanks for the energy to finish cleaning house -- I feel better when the house is clean.
4. Old Fashioned Potato Soup -- yummy and great on a night like tonight!
5. My grandkids - they are true blessings.


Sandra said...

Love your gratitudes! We're thinking of putting our little one in a bed too, he's just a bit squeezy in the cot :-)

Tazzie said...

Ohhh, how sweet. What a little trooper moving up into a big boys bed.

anne bebbington said...

Little ones are so sweet aren't they - glad your cyst turned out to be just that and no more - I know you said you weren't at all worried but there's always that tiny speck of doubt in the bottom of you heart and it's never bad to get that reassurance - enjoy your clean house and quilty weekend :o)

quiltpixie said...

smiled at the "falling out of bed" -- remember that stage so well. DS fell out for a long time, so long I gave up and put a padded sleeping bag beside his bed and he just "moved beds" partway through the night for some time....

Pam's Creative Mind said...

There is something that is so freeing about having a clean house. When my cleaning is done I don't have a care in the world. An updated pic of AJ please?