Monday, November 27, 2006

Done is better than perfect

My level of frustration was sky high today trying to put the pieced border on this quilt, so ripped off the inner border and put on the outer border and am calling it done. I really liked the look of the inner pieced border too -- this one just makes it look blah -- but can't take the frustration, honestly. The pieces were already cut and partially pieced -- not going to try to refigure an inch difference into all that! vbg

Bill went to the doctor today -- they think it is his gallbladder -- will get the results of the blood test probably late tomorrow and will schedule surgery then also. So -- if you're keeping count: that's two gallbladders and one appendix for 2006-- so far!

Did manage to get the laundry done, spent an hour on Christmas cards, an hour on the quilt borders and am ready to play with EQ6 for awhile!

1. We're getting close to getting answers and hopefully solving Bill's health issues.
2. Phone calls from the boys (Steve continues to recover).
3. Phone calls from friends.
4. Tackling the Christmas card list -- half done is better than not starting!
5. JR napping on his quilt by my feet.


Pam's Creative Mind said...

When I get to the frustration stage I just chant "IT IS WHAT IT IS" and move on. I really like your quilt, it is very pretty, you did a great job!

Hedgehog said...

Sorry about the frustration. The flowers are beautiful.

Gail said...

Pretty blocks, sorry that you couldn't get the borders to work as you wanted them too. Best wishes for Bill and his surgery.

cher said...

I agree, good to move on-done is better than not. Hope they resolve Bill's issues, gosh, more surgery ahead can not be fun to think about.
good for you doing Christmas cards already!

Screen Door said...

Good luck with Bill- Gallbladders are fixable. Thankful for that. I like the flower quilt. After a rough winter, you'll enjoy looking at this piece.

YankeeQuilter said...

Flowers look very cheerful - bad of them to make you so frustrated! Hope the results come back soon for you and it works out.

Libby said...

Looks good to me -- no use being frustrated with uncooperative fabrics.

Patti said...

Very pretty - soft and spring-like. I hope you do have the answer for Bill soon!

Hanne said...

Cute quilt top. Good luck on your DH's test results.

Dawn said...

Sorry about the problems with the pieced border, but the applique center is beautiful! Hope your husband is ok. I had my gall bladder out a few years ago - boy did I feel better once it was out!