Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm discombobulated!

No pics today -- I've had one of those "I don't feel like doing anything days"!
I was all caught up on everyone's blog that I try to keep up with before we went to DC, but now I am way behind. We had breakfast out with friends this morning and then I gave myself permission to only clean bathrooms today (as opposed to cleaning the whole house). I did tidy up a few spots, but that was it. Got up too early, didn't sleep well and have been fighting a migraine all day -- one of those "it's just under the surface waiting to break free" kind! So, I finally took a nap this afternoon and now I think I feel almost human! vbg

Did manage to get everything ready to take to the quilt show setup day tomorrow. Unearthed my notebook with last Saturday's bom in it -- still haven't done that. Searched for my apron with our guild name on it -- found a plain one, but not the guild one (did I lend it to someone 3 years ago? I can't remember!). Did find my T-shirt with the guild name on, so that will do!
Just one of those discombobulated days!

So, I'm off to catch up with as many bloggers as I can.

1. Giving myself permission to just clean bathrooms -- I'll get to the dusting and vacuuming and mopping another day!
2. Breakfast with friends.
3. An afternoon nap in the recliner with the dog on my lap.
4. Dinner out with friends -- bonus no cooking day! vbg


Rae said...

Migrians are discobooberating. I sympathize.

I like your pink sunshine quilt.


May Britt said...

Me tooooo. I have those days too. Blogged about it yesterday. Seems like there is a bug going on in the quiltingworld. Everything in my sewingroom is wrong, it's a mess and I have not sewed for several days now.

McIrish Annie said...

Joanne, I have one of those discombobulated days about once a week!!! I think I should start a club and you can be an officer!. Hope all goes well with the quilt show.

don't worry about the cleaning! Life is too short to spend too much time behind a vacuum or a mop