Monday, October 16, 2006

An Hour a Day

Well, blogger is not cooperating today, so will have to upload pictures of Briana's quilt some other day.
I did manage to spend an hour working on the applique project today, then about 20 minutes cutting the fabric and finding the batting for the hand quilting class and then a bit over an hour stitching the two-patches together for the alternate block on Leaf Season. What is the name of that block, anyway? I'll have to look that up one of these days.

Still need to put my BOM block together from Saturday (and yes, Dawn, it's one of the BOM from QGS). I'll post a picture when I get it together.

Working on laundry in between quilting today and now need to get ready to go to guild.
Have a good one!


quiltpixie said...

sounds like you've been busy in the sewing studio... I look forward to blogger playing nice and seeing photos of all this work:-)

Screen Door said...

Hey, your Bears got lucky last night... I'd rather be lucky than good any way....