Monday, September 04, 2006

Block #10

This was the tenth block -- I finished last night. Today I managed to make 8 hst's and appliqued a circle onto 4 of them. I still have the other four and the last 5 blocks to applique. Didn't finish the hst's -- we've had some pretty good storms run through this afternoon and more to come tonight, so haven't spent much time on the machine or the computer.
Oh, and the laundry is finished!

1. I really am grateful to have Bill -- he's up to any task I have for him!
2. We haven't lost power even though we've had some pretty good rain, hail, lightning and thunder today (knock on wood)!
3. Hand stitching.

1 comment :

quiltpixie said...

you're getting these blocks done really quickly. I'm sure they'll be lovely when all assembled. Hope you're able to enjoy the storms -- its not snow :-)