Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sew For a Hour Project, Hour 2

My progress today: I trimmed the hst's, then sewed them to the sashing strips and pressed. That took care of the hour -- I have all 20 blocks ready for the next step.

Then I switched gears, finished the last piece to applique down on the block I prepped last night.

Then, switched gears again to iron the six or seven shirts in the laundry basket! Then, hand sewed the binding on the 3rd baby quilt -- it is now in the dryer. And finally, shifted gears one last time to prep two more applique blocks for Briana's quilt (there are 15 in all -- but all easy like this one. And that was my day more or less!

1. Nice breakfast out with friends this morning.
2. A pleasing conversation with my favorite grocery store employee today. She's a very pleasant woman to talk with.
3. My resurrection lilies are blooming in the front -- need to check the backyard yet.


quiltpixie said...

what very different projects you have on the go... they're both coming along so well

Bonnie said...

Wow Joanne, you get a lot done in one day! Everything looks great.

ForestJane said...

I'm impressed!

And I love the pink and blue applique flower block too. :)

Judy said...

WOW, I won't tell you what I got accomplished today! I'd feel way too inferior!

Nice work!!

Susan said...

What a busy, mostly quilty, day! The little flower is cute as a button (which is much cuter than a bug's ear) and your blocks are going to be fabulous!

Libby said...

*whew* I'm tired after reading your list of projects for the day. Extra kudos for the regular ironing -- a dreaded chore here. Your blocks are looking good.

JudyL said...

Love your applique. Is that hand dyed fabric you're using?

Judy L.

Melzie said...

Wow you got alot done :) I am babysitting a 9wk old today so guess what I've gotten zero done :) xoxo melzie