Sunday, August 27, 2006

Note to Eileen:

Eileen asked about the company taking care of modifications such as replacing the track with metal:
The answer is NO. I bought one of the very first HQ's that came out -- in my humble opinion, they rushed to be one of the firsts in the home quilter market and shipped with many flaws. Everyone that bought those first ones had to modify the rails because they were light weight aluminum that did not support more than a small wall hanging. Another company made "Handi-handles" so you could plug your machine into them and eliminate the foot pedal, instead of standing behind the machine, hold the foot pedal with one hand and try to guide the machine with your other hand -- honest.
I complained to the company immediately about the track -- pieces of plastic of different lengths that you had to tape to your table and they didn't always butt up close. I got no response at all. I did join the HQ list and got lots of information from other users in making our own changes, but I went no-mail when it got to be too much and didn't get the angle iron fix. I quit using the HQ for months at a time.
I would in all honesty, not recommend the HQ to anyone because I don't believe they are a user-friendly company. I don't believe they stand behind their product at all. This is just my humble opinion, folks.


Susan said...

If you ever decide to try a different frame, investigate the Suzy Q. It's a lovely, sturdy frame, and Art and Sue stand 100% behind their product. Art has also made all kinds of templates for the frame, so there are lots of options normally only available to actual longarm machines.

Suzy Quilter

EileenKNY said...

I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience with the HQ. But it sounds like you've made it work.
Thanks for answering my question.