Tuesday, August 01, 2006

First Day of the Month - August Stash Challenge

No pictures today -- no quilting!
Time for a monthly update though. I did manage to finish two ufo's last month -- the sunflower table runner and Tulip Farm -- although technically, Tulip Farm is not finished because I need to unstitch and restitch the borders.
I did buy fabric last month -- but mostly for particular quilts which are in progress. Except for the great buy on backing fabric -- I don't have a particular quilt in mind, but it sure was a great price at $2 a yard!

Now, for the August Stash Challenge Vicky has made. I already blew it -- and early in the day too. vbg I bought a yard and a quarter of flannel for the back of the baby quilt in progress -- so guess it doesn't count, 'cause it is a backing, but still.....I should have bought it on Saturday.

Anyway -- I'll start over on the challenge -- no more fabric for the rest of the month. How 'bout you -- think you can keep from buying even that FQ you think you have to have?

I did buy a pattern today -- it's actually last year's pattern by Blackbird Designs. I can't remember the name of it (CRS), but it has a house with a black cat on top in front of a full moon. The house is surrounded by pieced stars and there are vines with leaves in the borders and a bittersweet vine next to the house. I don't actually like Blackbird Designs (the same people that designed Tulip Farm), because their patterns are not well written at all. But the shop had this quilt made up at the end of last year and it didn't get much time before the season was over, so they're getting it out now and I fell in love with the quilt. Theirs is made with a lot of homespun fabrics and the background is black -- it is just a wonderful quilt. I had to have the pattern -- and I sure hope I can get my "have to" stuff done so I can play with this quilt! I'll have to get the camera upstairs and get a picture of the front tomorrow.

1. The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen on the vines.
2. Edy's Fruit bars were on sale today.
3. Lunch with a friend.
4. A/C in the car.
5. Quilter's General Store in Rockford.


Norma said...

Good luck holding of on the purchases for the rest of the month! *VBG*

quiltpixie said...

good for you to jump on the bandwagon, even if you had to run to catch up to it at the start :-)

ForestJane said...

Good luck with the no-fabric challenge!

I think a late start should count too, just as well. Don't do it again though, or you'll get 10 lashes with a threaded needle!

McIrish Annie said...

Joanne, I know you can do it. I don't know which is harder - being on a food diet or a fabric diet!!!!

Nines said...

2 UFO's done! Good job. And I don't know if backing should count if it is to finish a UFO. Good luck with the rest of the month- but those of us working in quilt shops are a liitle bit sad... Enjoy those ripe tomatoes- nothin' like them!