Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another day

Played with fabric most of the day today -- made enough blocks for the new baby quilt, except I needed to buy some border fabric and wanted to make one block with that fabric. I'm going to do 9 blocks, no sashing, and 3 inch borders. I like the Paper Pinwheels blocks, they go together easily and they really let the fabric speak for them.

The car was finally ready at 3 this afternoon -- $825 later.....there was nothing wrong with the power steering line! Just the major seal problem on the transmission! So, picked up the car, got some quick groceries (even bought a couple of steak kabobs for dinner -- really lazy way of cooking), then on to the quilt shop! Bought two different flannels for the last two baby quilts and a piece of kids print purple for the center block and borders on the pinwheels. Threw the fabrics in the washer while I fixed dinner and into the dryer (they should be done by now). I hope to get the third top finished tomorrow and maybe one of them pinned for quilting.
While I was waiting for the car call, I made giant 9 patches (well, they're 9" finished) with the fabrics that I cut for the original quilt I was going to make -- I had all these 3½" squares leftover even after using as many as I did in the pinwheels. I made up a bunch of 9-patches using those squares and the same background I had in stash. I still have some more squares to use up, so might end up with two small size quilts for charity after I finish the baby quilts. And those are from stash.

1. The car was cheaper than I thought; I'm thankful it's fixed.
2. Playing in the sewing room today and using up stash.
3. Buying fabric today-- I can see the end of the baby quilts soon!
4. Random Act of Kindness: I set the mechanic at the garage up with our neighbor/friend that repairs tractors -- it was one of those just "mentioned in passing" things and turned out well for both parties.


Screen Door said...

Have fun sewing...can't wait to see pictures...

Mary said...

Glad the car wasn't too expensive. Can't wait to see the finished baby quilts. I love making donation quilts and quick ones are especially fun!

Susan said...

Good news on the car!

quiltpixie said...

glad you got to the LQS finally!

jpquilter said...

sounds like a lovely day - glad it worked out with the car

Finn said...

Hi Joanne, sounds like you are busy as ever. Good job on sticking to the do not buy fabric rules. I'm finding it gets easier as the months pass.
Sorry to hear about the car. I have those car blues myself this summer...so darn expensive. Hugs, Finn

ForestJane said...

Glad your car's getting fixed - and I really like the paper pinwheels blocks you have going!

Steak kabobs sounds like a good idea for dinner... wonder if I've got any kabob sticks?