Friday, February 03, 2006

This is the placemat I quilted yesterday. I have a set of 4 that I did many years ago. This was just an extra one and I never bothered to quilt it back then. So I used it to practice some machine quilting, even though you can't see any of the quilting in the picture! It was a ufo and now it's finished!

I managed to finish quilting the mystery quilt today. (Note to Judy: No, you don't get to see it til it's finished -- that's the mystery!). I have put the binding on and just finished printing out the label -- should be able to stitch the label and the binding down tomorrow! I looked up the mystery online -- it was done in 2000. It was designed by Jane L. Kakaley, but I can't find anything current on her -- I loved her designs. I'll have a picture tomorrow!

Well, Blogger won't let me post this tonight, so I'll try in the morning!

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Dawn said...

Oh what a great quilt though! It does look like ice crystals! I love it!