Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday's tale

Actually, the title is really misleading -- there is no tale today! And no quilt, either! Today was a day of running errands, DH had to get some blood work done, we met old neighbors that moved to NC and are back to visit their son, for lunch. Of course, the restaurant I wanted to try was closed for lunch today (reopened at 5 tonight -- not a good omen for a new restaurant, IMHO!). So, we went to an old favorite, Chen's Cantonese Restaurant. The food was wonderful, as usual, and it was nice to visit with old friends. Then we stopped for groceries and came home.
I had big plans of doing something in the sewing room, but had a bit of a headache by the time we got home, and was tired because I didn't get a good sleep last night (I'll sleep like a log tonight!). So, nothing got done in the sewing room, but I did check phone messages and a lqs left an order for my first pattern of last year - so that was a highlight! So, of course, I didn't have any printed up, and of course the printer ran out of black ink, and of course, I forgot to change my email address on the pattern cover and had to reprint those - oh, and of course I usually run errands on Tuesday and would have taken these in today had I known, but I think the lqs was probably closed yesterday anyway and that's why they didn't call til today. I'll take them in on Thursday. I'm kinda new to this pattern designing thing and figured after the first rush of reorders that 6 months later they wouldn't be selling anymore -- guess I should be more prepared. Headache went away anyway.


JudyL said...

Glad the headache went away. I have my pattern covers printed and then I make black and white copies of the patterns at Staples so all I have to print is the back side with the yardage requirements.

I've been finding that when I come out with a new pattern, the sales of the old ones pick up too . . you just never know what's gonna happen!

Good luck!


Laurie said...

Gosh, what a day! Glad your pattern is selling! How exciting!

Dawn said...

Oh my! Glad the headache went away! But what good news about your pattern! Which lqs was it? QGS or the one over by the Salvation Army - can't remember the name - all I remember is they had TONS of beautiful brushed cottons plaids. I was in heaven!

Finn said...

Whew...what a day...you deserve a break after all that!! But sounds like it turned out ok...Hugs, Finn

Marilyn said...

Glad to hear the pattern sales are going well! I know that must be very exciting for you. And I'm also glad that the headache went away too. Sounds like a nice day after all. :-)


Tracey said...

Take a break, Joanne...your head will thank you for it. Great news on the patterns though! :o)