Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday morning

Thanks for the comments yesterday. My brain is still a fog this morning, but I will accomplish something quilty today!

Answering questions and comments: Yes, it is all hand applique -- I use needleturn method. I love to hand applique. I find it very relaxing and it is so nice to be able to sit in the living room with the dog on my lap and still be able to pick up some handwork. The dog won't allow me to hand quilt though because I use a hoop and he gets rather indignant.
And having a bag of hand applique made up ahead of time is great for grabbing when you need to head out the door and know you will be waiting in a doctor's office or whatever. Last year I went through all my ufo's and made most of them into kits: Actually cut the fabrics into the pieces needed to piece a quilt, or made the choices and cut the applique pieces ready to be applied. Tulip Farm is a quilt with many appliqued blocks interspersed with pieced blocks. I had started it in a monthly class, and we had skipped around and did not do them in any particular order, so I had each block in a separate bag and each was numbered. I finished appliqueing number 14 last night, and the last block to be finished is 19 -- I will take it out today and set it next to my chair!

Well, catch you all later -- need to get quilting!


Finn said...

I had a feeling it was needle turn...LOL. Forgot to comment on Friday's post, that gold check you put behind the's the same on I did my candles (from Christmas Candles in the Cabin) against. It has such a nice glow..I love the bird and tulips against it..*VBS* Can hardly wait to see the whole quilt..*S*

Laurie said...

Super applique! You do nice work! I'm still a newbie to applique...seems I pick it up for a long while and then put it down for a long while!

Brit said...

I agree with the making your UFO's into kits. I've found that if I just have something in my diaper bag then I work on it more, especially if the little one falls asleep during errands...a great excuse to get some stitches in ! after all it's naptime..