Tuesday, January 31, 2006

He Wanted Equal Time....

This is Pita. He's DH's dog and he follows him everywhere (DH is just to the right of the dog in this picture). Pita adopted Bill when we were building this house. He was a puppy that lived at the next farm, but his mistress never took care of him. While Bill was clearing the land to put the house up, Pita would hang around all day with him. He had an uncanny ability of being right where Bill wanted to work next. The dog's original name was Buddy, but Bill changed it to Pita because he was a Pain In The A** literally! Eventually, the lady moved from the farm and her "boyfriend" came and asked us if we wanted the dog because he was here all the time anyway and if we don't take him, the bf was going to shoot him (and he would have). So, that's Pita's story and as far as he's concerned, the sun rises and sets on Bill's head and I had better not get between the two of them!

Obviously, I didn't get any quilting done today! I did take the quilt off the HQ yesterday, mark it and put it back -- still working at learning to machine quilt well. One of my problems I think is that I want to skip to the good part without doing all the prep work; so I'm trying to take the time and do the prep work.


Laura said...

Thank you for sharing Pita. It sounds like Bill has found a true companion!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Dogs will often adopt those that they know will love them. My Dad always seems to end up with a dog or cat every now and then. Last dog he had for 18 years and they were never apart - Dad even drove from MA to CA for a wedding instead of flying so the dog could go too without being crated! Sounds like PITA knew where to find a loving home!