Sunday, January 01, 2006


2006 came in on busy little boy feet and dragging, tired, grandma feet! Now I know why they give babies to young people! AJ was an absolute angel while he was here, but busy and talking a mile a minute. So, after Momma came and got him at noon today, it's been a slow and lazy day -- too tired to even venture into the sewing room.

Judy asked what plans we had for using the stash in January. I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to be working on this month...I have some designing to do for my newsletter and I definitely want to get a couple of quilts put on the quilter and finished. I am planning on doing whatever I do with stash. I've already got one design finished using stash and scraps and the second is on paper and hopefully, will be pulling fabric tomorrow for it. I can't post pictures til I actually get the newsletter in the mail at the end of the month.

I'm still working on a ufo -- hand appliqueing in the evenings -- and making progress. I may finish the Tulip Farm quilt this year -- wouldn't that be a surprise. And, of course, it's all from stash.


JudyL said...

Joanne: I agree that it's a great idea to give babies to young people.

Whatever you decide to do with your stash in January, I know it will be fantastic!!


Laurie said...

What newsletter do you publish? Do tell! :o)

Stashbusting...we can do it!

Jeanne said...

Happy 2006, Joanne! I've gotTulip Farm going, too :)

Finn said...

Morning Joanne, I know just what you mean...I was so tired by the evening of Christmas day after having the 6 yr old and the 2 yr old here. And that was with my son's help...LOL. Makes me wonder how I managed 5 kids, 1 parent, 1 DH and a 20 acre small holdings...LOL. Guess we were younger.
I look forward to busting stash with you this coming year. I found I don't really make stash quilts. I rarely seem to get beyond scraps. Hoping to change that...and my DD#1 has requested 2 snuggle quilts for graduation I have my chance to "hit the stash". One for sure will be the PA/B pattern..*VBS*