Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day

Christmas was wonderful at our daughter's. (Wish I could remember to bring the camera down when I come down to spend time on the computer -- haven't even checked the pictures yet and I know I got a good one of Briana in her Pollyanna dress!) I'll have to tie the camera to my wrist tomorrow.

Today was spent doing the usual day after Christmas stuff -- laundry, putting away the gifts, taking down the Christmas stuff in the main floor bathroom and turning it back into the everyday bathroom it is! Also pulled my sewing tables out away from the wall, tossed the two throw rugs in the washer, washed the quarry tile floor under the tables and sealed the grout (just under the tables, don't want to overdo you know :-). Put the clean rugs back down and moved the tables around to make room for the plastic drawers of scraps. Need to buy another set tomorrow and made room for that one, too. That was pretty much the extent of working in the sewing room though. I hope to get a handle on the scraps this coming year and keep plodding along in that direction.

I did finish quilting the Christmas Pineapple Blossom and even put a label on it, but haven't finished sewing the binding down. Hopefully tomorrow I will make some progress and get some pictures up.


Tracey said...

Well you got more done than I did yesterday!! Good I feel like a slug! ;oP I can't believe that you already have the blossoms all quilted too! I'm just happy that I survived Christmas! :o)

Dawn said...

Oh I'm so glad you finished quilting your pineapple blossom quilt! That is such good news! I can't wait to see it!

Finn said...

Hello Joann, you have been one busy gal. Good for you for the resolution to get "on top" of the scraps in '06! That is one of mine, also...UFO's, no new fabric and ALL the scraps sorted and dealt with. They seem to pro-create in the rubbermaids while I'm not looking! Have 2 of the rough tote size almost full now. Some are bigger pieces, but mostly scrap! How does that happen????

Laurie Ann said...

Good job finishing the pineapple blossom. Can't wait to start mine. I am also looking forward to doing my after Christmas clean up and organization this weekend. Having everything back to normal is so liberating!!!