Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday's Progress

Finished leg four today. Also trimmed them all now that I have my brain around the quilt-as-you-go sewing in the back. But, as I was pinning them back on the quilt, I noticed the angles were different, in fact, the legs were all different sizes. Now, how did that happen? I used the same template to cut them all and the strips are all the same size also. Anyway, took them down, laid the smallest one on top of the rest, (one at a time!), and trimmed them closer to the same size -- couldn't do it exactly - I think that would have been noticeable. Pinned them back up and I don't think it will be noticeable at all. They still need to be stitched together and a binding applied, and maybe a lace edging, if I remember to buy some next time I'm out. What do you think?


Sarah said...

I think it is beautiful! I can't quite understnd the quilt as you go thing either!

Thanks for sharing!


Carolyn said...

I think it's wonderful and a lace edging would be very pretty. Are you going to cut a hole in the center and use it as a tree skirt?

Bonnie said...

I DO have one that I use as a treeskirt! I'll have to remember to take a pic of it when we get the tree stuff out.

I love how the star is coming together...keep up the good work!


Dawn said...

I think it is great! I'm loving how it is turning out - although I've ventured into the quilt as you go thing!

Tonya R said...

It's looking great and I would think it doesn't much matter if the diamonds turn out different shapes.