Saturday, November 26, 2005

Saturday sewing

Here's the Buggy Barn tree skirt waiting to be pin basted. The fabrics were in a kit and they are perfect for my friend, so that was easy! There is a lot of waste in the fabric, but it's only a waste if you throw it away, right?! I don't consider any fabric that goes into my stash a waste. I'll be using it sooner or later.

Anyway, managed to get the skirt quilted today (and I'm actually happy with the quilting -- no toe grabbers and mostly consistent stitches) ;-) I just finished stitching the bias binding on and just need to hand stitch it to the backside. Maybe tonight, for sure tomorrow.

And then I get to play with the Pineapple Blossom block -- really looking forward to it.


Lucy said...

Joanne. I love the tree skirt . I never made before on because we don't see them here. But this pattern is a good idea !

JudyL said...

I had never seen that tree skirt but I love the Buggy Barn crazy star. Great gift!

Judy L.

Bonnie said...

I love the free spirit of buggy barn stuff! This tree shirt is irresitable...who wants to cover it up with all those presents? I think the presents should go first, then the treeskirt can go on top of them :c)