Sunday, November 20, 2005

Our Thanksgiving is done

All the kids have gone home, the mess is cleaned up, the tables put back where they belong, except for this one! This is an old sewing table I "inherited" from DH's first wife. I usually have it in the kitchen between the two windows, but moved it to the library to make room for two dining tables. I'm going to keep it here for awhile, may put a small Christmas tree on it instead of dragging out the big one.
Anyway -- bought this potpourri last week in Nordstrom's and absolutely love it because it has just about everything fall-colored in it and it smells great!

The quilt the bowl is on was from a "lottery" block exchange at guild a couple of years ago -- we did I think 6" blocks for the big bowties and two 3" bowties and 2 plain blocks for the others. I won the draw and made this little quilt with the blocks. I have lots of little quilts I put on tables in the house, but the scrappy ones are usually my favorites!


Holly said...

Our Thanksgiving is done, too, Joanne. Isn't it a great feeling? Now when everyone else is out shopping for that last minute turkey we can just sit back and sew. I love your little table topper and especially your Christmas tree skirt. Did I mention that already? I usually wrap an old quilt around the base but maybe I should think about making one like yours. What a great idea.

Finn said...

Morning the little bowtie table topper...but then I love doing little things like that. Sometimes once I make 4 blocks..I'm not interested enought to make a BIG quilt. The quilting looks great too! Love the bowl and the autumn stuff in it..*VBS*

Dawn said...

Joanne! This little scrap quilt is so cute! And it is so perfect on that little table with the bowl! I"m still looking forward to my turkey!