Sunday, November 06, 2005

Catching Up Again

Spent the week resolving email problems and other various and sundry aggravations. Didn't get to sew all week until yesterday. But I did piece together the backing for one of the Nickel scrap quilts:
I used the leftover nickel squares and some leftover half square triangles, added a light yellow fabric to fill in and all in all, spent more time on the backing than I planned!

I'm going to try to get caught up today with the blogs -- can't believe how much time I wasted on the computer this past week.

Was going to answer Bonnie's query about borders earlier, but forgot, so my answer is quick -- I, many times will just add a plain border because I just want to get the quilt done. Sometimes a plain border is better, too, because the scrappiness of the quilt needs to be calmed down and sometimes, I'm just not up to do the math (vbg.


Finn said...

Hi Joanne...good to see youa again..sorry to hear of computer problems...grrrrr!!

I like what you decided to do with the leftovers. Sure does cut down on the orphan block population...LOL.

I hit a quilt show yesterday, and it was nice to see more and more scrappy "backs". Some are breaking out of that "it all need to be the same fabric" rut..thank goodness. Altho shop owner probably don't agree with me. I was suprised to see that prices are routinely 9.50 a yard now, and some for $10.25..yikes!

Highlight of my day was a decision to make a backing for a quilt that is still unmade...LOL..go figure..LOL. I had these lovely blue pieces and some really great orange ones, and some that had both colors..and I thought..hmmmmmmmm? And a backing was born...*VBG*

Sharon said...

No time is wasted on the computer, you know - it is as important as anything we do! It keeps us in touch, and keeps our sanity. I am going to choose to look at any time I spend on fixing computer problems and maintenance as simply "life enhancing" moves! LOL! Glad you got them fixed,and I love your nickel square quilt shows. I have three shoeboxes full of nickel squares now. I think it might be time to start on them, don't you think?