Friday, July 19, 2013


My house is sold! And I will sorely miss this house and this property.  Bill and I built this house together (well, we had the builder build it :-)!  I will miss living in the country, I will miss my huge rooms, I will miss my fireplace in the kitchen, I will miss my finished basement that is my sewing studio.  It is going to be extremely sad to leave this place.
But...I can't take care of this place indefinitely, I'm surely not getting any younger; my flower beds have weeds in them, the asparagus bed is full of weeds, I don't enjoy working in the heat and humidity, which is why everything outside always needs finished; I have hired someone to mow this year, so that was a big help, but I don't want to spend another winter having to have my drive plowed out -- it's way too long to snowblow or shovel.  I want to be able to travel again and it's difficult when you have a place this big to take care of. 

And, the person that bought the place (as of last Sunday!), loves it.  He's from Chicago and loves the house and the property and of course the huge shed!  He's already renting the shed to store some of his "stuff"!  He plans to buy antiques and Amish-made furniture to fill it -- which will be great for a log home - nothing ultra modern for sure!

Now the trick is to pare down what I still have in here to fit into a house more than half its size!  I did buy another house in the big city, tiny yard, unfinished basement -- sold and bought in the past week!  Pictures of it will be in a later post!  Closing the end of September, so have a ton of things to do before then; and have a builder already to finish the basement as my sewing studio!  But, probably won't be doing any sewing after August until possibly January!  I'll deal with it!
Blessings:  Thank God for sending me a buyer and finding me another house!