Monday, October 01, 2012

October - My How Time Flies!

It's been four months since I've posted -- can't hardly believe it.  What have I been doing?  Oh, a little of this and a little of that!  We've been hit with the drought that half the country has been hit with -- good for me because I only had to mow a few times all summer!  But now fall is in full swing, and the trees are dropping their leaves -- which means getting out the mulching mower -- I do not rake!
We had a "quilters' garage sale" - got rid of some old fabric and lots of scraps as well as other garage sale stuff like the "Pack and Play".  I did okay -- Kris did really well, but she had more "stuff".
I've been trying to get the fall outside work done -- up today is taking down screens, power washing the porches and washing windows.
Hasn't been a lot of quilting going on, but have managed to finish some applique projects and prep more.  This first one is a quilt that was in the Fall Primitive Quilts magazine (love that magazine, btw).  This was fun and easy and quick.  
Next is"Fred - there are enough Jacks around" designed by Kris and she also gave me her leftover orange and some black squares so I could whip this one up.  The applique took no time at all and I used a fabric I bought last year for the border. 
Then these next two are from Bunny Hill Designs.  This is her Merry, Merry Snowmen block of the month quilt.  After doing her Henrietta Whiskers free quilt last year, both Kris and I decided to start this one.  I do love the Bunny Hill designs for applique.

I have block number 3 prepped and try to do a little applique each day.  I also have 5 other applique quilts prepped -- just for variety and I like to have something ready for a grab and go type thing.

I've tried my hand at making soap and laundry detergent this summer -- just for fun.  The laundry soap is so easy and works great, so I'll sell some of it for our "Parable of Talents" project at church -- always fun to raise a little money for the church.  I've also been doing the Power Point for church and helping out the financial secretary whenever she needs me.

That's about it for now -- time to get busy making hay while the sun shines!