Tuesday, April 13, 2010

God, are you out there? It's me, Joanne

Let's just get to it:  My husband has liver cancer. 
So, if you're keeping count (and I am), since September, Steve's brain tumor has come back twice, he's had surgery, a small stroke, rehab and this last time he had stereotactic radiosurgery, which means they bombarded the tumor from every angle possible with radiation; Kevin was diagnosed and had surgery for an aggressive form of prostate cancer, and now Bill has liver cancer.  We are in the process of getting all our ducks in a row:  we met a great surgeon in Madison at UW Clinic today and will be having more tests done and will have to make some serious decisions over the next few weeks.  She can take 1/2 his liver, if the mass and other spots are contained in the half; and if he can tolerate the surgery -- he'll be 84 in May and we have to meet with his cardiologist sometime soon and he'll probably have to have another echocardiogram.  They are also scheduling tests in Madison, so we'll be driving back and forth, or spending time up there in a hotel, as needed.
I'm going to be spending less time on the computer, obviously, so am taking a break from blogging (you wouldn't notice because I haven't blogged in a month anyway! vbg).