Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

What? You mean it's over? We missed it? Darn, and we just finished our Valentine tops, too!
The first one is my friend, Kris' and the second is mine. We used mostly her stash of Valentine fabrics (I only had a few, but my borders are my own). I actually finished my quilt and then took the whole thing apart, squared up all the blocks, changed the inner border fabric and put it all back together. Yes, I'm anal -- but ya know if I'd've squared up the blocks to begin with, I wouldn't have had to take them all apart. You'd think after all these years of quilting I'd remember to do that instead of slapping them all together. Whatever....I never would have liked it if I hadn't taken it apart, and now I do!

This was a fun quilt to do together - we have another that we did together -- hers is even quilted and gorgeous. Mine? It's all apart and waiting to be squared up and redone, of course. Kris calls them Garage Quilts or Oil-Change Quilts -- they're orphan blocks melded together. She goes to a lot of auctions and invariably finds quilts that some guy used to lay on while changing the oil in the car - hence the name. They're fun to do and when I get mine put back together, I'll even put up a picture!

Getting a short walk outside this afternoon. It was in the mid 30's today. The plan is for another in the morning.
Getting the newsletter printed out today.
Leftover chili for dinner.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, AJ

Our dear, sweet, adorable grandson, AJ is six years old today! Happy Birthday, AJ!

Thursday, February 04, 2010


I have no excuse for not updating my blog more often! I have been doing some sewing -- actually finished two tops, but still need to piece backings. Planning a sewing day with Kris tomorrow -- we're making Valentine quilts from her stash of Valentine fabrics! Should be fun.
I did receive Bonnie's new book the first of last week -- it's great. I read it through the first night!

And yesterday I finally finished "spring" cleaning the dining room. Took me about 4 hours -- so much for doing a little at a time! I did the top of the hutch a few weeks ago and then got nothing else done, so had to finally get it done. It's nice a sparkly now (although I didn't wash the windows yet -- I'll wait til it's a bit warmer out).

My dining room is not that big -- it holds the furniture, but if we turned the table to raise the drop leaf sides, we have barely enough room to put chairs around it without hitting the hutch and dry sink. We do all our entertaining in the kitchen next to the fireplace anyway. And when the whole family is here for Easter or Thanksgiving, we move this table into the kitchen and put the leaves in both tables!
I took all those pictures off the wall, cleaned the wall and the pictures, and put them back -- that's what took a lot of time. And, I'm thinking it's time to redo this gallery -- time to put some into albums and bring out pics of the grandkids that are all over the house!

Other news: Steve had an MRI last Wednesday -- everything looks good and the Avastin is working!
Monday I went with Steph to her 3-d Ultrasound! Really cool. That 11 oz. baby boy was having a great time -- moving all over, rolling, turning and laughing at us - honest! He's doing great and so is Steph -- no health worries for either of them.

Healthy boys -- both Steve and the new baby.
Getting something accomplished -- one clean room at a time!
Finishing a couple of tops -- another accomplishment.