Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Steve Update

Steve started the iv drug treatment (aka chemo) at 11:01 yesterday morning and it was stopped at 11:03 yesterday morning. He had a severe allergic reaction - his blood pressure dropped to 54/31. Thankfully the staff considered that an emergency and they managed to bring him back and stabilize him. He had myriad tests afterwards and was released from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. They did spend the night in Madison, but will be home today. The drug was a clinical study called a vegF inhibitor -- basically it attaches itself to the cancer cells only and kills off the blood supply feeding them. They have decided to try Avastin next week. Avastin was just approved by the FDA for brain tumors -- it is also a treatment for colon cancer and is used for wet macular degeneration even. Hopefully Steve will be able to tolerate it. It has been used quite a bit in GBM patients in the past few years, so it is a viable alternative. It works in the same way as the one they tried yesterday -- attaching itself to the tumor only.
To say we were terrified would be an understatement -- sure brings home the fact that we're dealing with a life/death situation here. Thank God Steve's a fighter.

So next week, Kevin has surgery on Monday in Madison and Steve has treatment at the same hospital on Wednesday -- nice of them to at least go to the same place -- kind of like one-stop shopping.

We had our Thanksgiving last Sunday, but hope yours will be great.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

A day off

I'm basically a homebody -- I like to visit with family and friends, I like to take classes or sew with friends, but in the end, I prefer to be at home. Today is one of those days that I'm staying home (well, after church), watching the Bears win their game (go Bears!), and mostly just taking it easy. I have a quilt on the frame to be quilted and I may do a little work on it, or I may not. I have plenty of piecing or applique projects to do, but I'm probably not going to do anything -- I think my body just needs to not do anything today.
Steve got a day pass yesterday and today to spend some time at home and he's enjoying his weekend. He's hoping to go home permanently by the end of this week, maybe even Thursday. He's doing well in his rehab and hasn't had any seizures for 3 days now -- which helps a lot.

This quilt was made at least 10, if not 15 years ago in a class. The applique is all fusible and blanket stitch -- which is not my favorite way to do it, but I like the quilt anyway. I have it hanging in the clutter/sewing room this fall.

Yesterday I went to a "Creative Day" hosted by a friend of mine. There are quilters, knitters, cross-stitchers and scrap bookers among the attendees, hence the name Creative instead of Quilt day! I brought my "Starstruck" quilt that I started two years ago. I finished the blocks that were half done and started to put it together. I didn't get as far as I should have -- spent too much time eating and talking, but made some progress anyway. I do love the scrappiness of this quilt, so hope to finish it sometime soon.
Steve's having a good weekend.
Time to relax, regroup, plan for the weeks ahead.