Friday, June 12, 2009

A finish and a Steve update!

Steve had another MRI on Tuesday and it was clear -- 18 month survivor now!

And I managed to finish a quilt -- albeit a wallhanging and nothing special -- but it's done and hanging!

Not much going on around here -- Bill was sick most of last week, but is feeling much better now. So of course, while he was sick, I ate myself out of house and home -- guess I really am a stress eater! vbg Now he's well and I'm back on track. In fact, Kris and I are walking with the cross country team she coaches 3 mornings a week -- and boy was I sore after the first day and 4-1/2 miles -- and I'd say it was a brisk walk -- not a saunter...and exactly what I need. Even though I was sore that first day I really felt good all day.

I bought a set of dvd's by Patsy Thompson last week on machine quilting and have been studying them. I really like her technique, so will be practicing my own version soon.

Sunday we're having all the kids over for brunch for Father's Day and my birthday. We're doing it a week ahead so the kids can attend the other side of the family's celebrations on Father's Day. I plan on having most of the food made tomorrow so I only need to throw things in the oven on Sunday and can enjoy the day with the kids.

And that's about it at Porchrocker's Place -- relatively quiet but thankful for Steve's test results and that Bill is better.